Commercial Rendering

At SurrealViz, we specialise in creating magnificent commercial interior and exterior renders and visualisations. We combine artistic designs effortlessly with ground-breaking technology to usher mouthwatering commercial architectural services to you which will add vision to life.

As three-dimensional designs for big buildings encompass a very wide scope of designs, you can envisage our broad knowledge on all aspects from schools to gyms, offices and hotels and malls. We create stunning 3D representations of reality that are cognizant of each detail and specs.

SurrealViz | Commercial Rendering
step 01

At the first acquaintance, a technical assignment is drawn up, as well as terms for execution are discussed.

SurrealViz | Commercial Rendering
step 02

Ensure all supplied drawings & schedules are finalised. Supply floor plans, elevations/sections & joinery detail drawings for the proposed project in DWG format

SurrealViz | Commercial Rendering
step 03

‘White render’ –

At this stage the model does not have any textures applied and only indicative ‘dummy’ planting and furniture for scale and composition reference.

SurrealViz | Commercial Rendering
step 04

Final delivery. Once the client approves the final preview artwork, an invoice is issued and upon receipt of payment the final high resolution, non-watermarked image files are made available for download.

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Either an office complex or shopping mall, you can picture building plans that will show your investors the property with the aid of 3D rendered images even before driving the outer landscape. A developer can snap images of a well-developed building and three-dimensional artisan can develop a clear realistic presentation that will be displayed to clients, making it convenient to trade the idea or property.

Rendering pictures can provide a life-like view of the inner and outdoor space in addition to other essential details. Animation can aid the creation of 3D Internal & External walkthroughs that will offer a true visualisation of buildings from several dimensions.


Time Saver: Employing 3D rendering for outdoor designs can be a reasonable way to save time. When selecting a 3D rendering company, you need to ensure they possess a dependable portfolio of indoor and outdoor design projects.

Assist others conceptualize your goal: Experienced developers and designers can visualise a design space with the aid of a CAD drawing. Yet, the average Joe may find it hard conceptualizing a building from designs and 2D plans. 3D rendering can turn out as a remarkable means of attaining your vision.

Make Decisions Easily: Commercial delivery delivers a very precise picture of the building plan compared to simple sketches. With that, the client can choose if the design is aligned with their needs and requirements. Any alteration of the design can be done while still drawing it. This annihilates whichever disagreement that exists amidst the client and the developer once the construction is in progress.

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