2D floor plan

SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan
step 01

At the first acquaintance, a technical assignment is drawn up, as well as terms for execution are discussed.

SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan
step 02

Ensure all supplied drawings & schedules are finalised. Supply floor plans, elevations/sections & joinery detail drawings for the proposed project in DWG format

SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan
step 03

‘White render’ –

At this stage the model does not have any textures applied and only indicative ‘dummy’ planting and furniture for scale and composition reference.

SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan
step 04

Final delivery. Once the client approves the final preview artwork, an invoice is issued and upon receipt of payment the final high resolution, non-watermarked image files are made available for download.

SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan

We Can Provide Any Type of Floor Plan For You

SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan

All floor plans are customized to each project

  • We consider your marketing style, colour & materials selections, fixtures & furniture, thereby creating a unique floor plan for you.
  • The quality we produce is outstanding.

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