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SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan

At Surrealviz, we can provide you with 2D floor plans so you can provide a crystal clear brief of your property to your clients at an unbeatable price/rate. Clear and uncluttered colour 2D floor plans are great for brochures and marketing your properties to your clients without showing them a drawing or sketch. We provide color floor plan rendering services that provide a variety of 2D floor plan illustrations that you can use in real estate marketing flyers, brochures, real estate flyers, and other marketing products.

The 2D floor plan is a direct bird eye view of a house, apartment, or building’s architectural layout. A major merit of 2D floor plans are they are often seen as the easiest and most cost-effective way to understand a floor plan/design. Their disadvantage is they do not provide perspective or a true feeling of the spaces to the average customer. Therefore, it is often beneficial to combine with 3D images of various rooms to help clients visualize space and form, but still have a good representation of the overall layout and assist them in the decision-making process. 2D flooring illustrations are a simple and easy-to-use service that enhances basic black and white plans and provides necessary information to make things easier for your customers, with finishes, spaces, and areas clearly defined.

SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan
step 01

At the first acquaintance, a technical assignment is drawn up, as well as terms for execution are discussed.

SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan
step 02

Ensure all supplied drawings & schedules are finalised. Supply floor plans, elevations/sections & joinery detail drawings for the proposed project in DWG format

SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan
step 03

‘White render’ –

At this stage the model does not have any textures applied and only indicative ‘dummy’ planting and furniture for scale and composition reference.

SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan
step 04

Final delivery. Once the client approves the final preview artwork, an invoice is issued and upon receipt of payment the final high resolution, non-watermarked image files are made available for download.

SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan

We Can Provide Any Type of Floor Plan For You

SurrealViz can provide 2D Floor Plans for any client and cater from the smallest home designs to large format site plans, apartment complexes, new estates, and town planning schemes. We offer a range of styles for floor plans in 2D colours to suit all tastes, requirements, and budgets. All styles are professional and high quality. They are all suitable for web, print, and signage and can be customized to suit your needs for any style of marketing image. With a 2D colour marketing floor plan, you can take potential clients through your house designs or apartments.

We can also provide a simplified line-style floor plan in any color or pattern. If you have something you have seen before, email us a reference picture, and we can create a similar plan for you. We provide 2D floor plans for home building, architects, developers, real estate agents, marketing companies, private clients, interior designers, and product developers for all of their marketing requirements.

SurrealViz | 2D Floorplan

All floor plans are customized to each project

  • We consider your marketing style, colour & materials selections, fixtures & furniture, thereby creating a unique floor plan for you.

  • The quality we produce is outstanding.

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