3D Rendering Services

At SurrealViz, we focus on creating 3D images and renders as well as animations and other interactive content for architectural firms, developers, builders, real estate agents, website makers, marketing agencies and more. We produce content for clients across Australia and internationally. With a team of passionate professionals with digital expertise, we are sure to meet your desire.

SurrealViz has opened its doors in 2020, but already has found its niche as one of the most innovative 3D Rendering Studios in Australia and intends to dominate the 3D Architectural Visualisation space with our beautiful photo-realistic 3D Rendering and our Realistic 3D and VR/AR Interactive Tours for Properties Developers, Architects, Builders, and Homeowners.

Our goal is to raise the standard of the virtual representation of natural and built environment through advanced technology and close cooperation of all stakeholders. Since inception, our success is achieved from employing overlapping design disciplines, from architects to 3D artists and interior designers.

We uphold our core values and adhere to the highest standards, with a never-ending mindset that puts us at the forefront of the industry. We are always on the lookout for new technologies and techniques that will help us raise the bar and help us grow even further.


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3D Visualisation Rendering

We will help you with high quality 3D architecture & visualisation rendering services that include residential, commercial or institutional buildings. Our high-quality visualisation renderings are used for presenting high quality photorealistic results to potential clients before the actual project begins.

Our company offer building owners, architects, interior designers, contractors and real estate companies 3D rendering services for exterior and interior spaces for both buildings and landscapes. Employing our rendering service can make a huge difference to your project. It does not matter if you are an architect, a real estate agent or a homeowner; a well-presented 3D rendered image can be an excellent presentation and visualisation tool that will cause a turnaround.

Ranging from simple designs to standard scenery and landscapes to completely customized designs with distinct features and each detail to your precise specifications, we can provide the design you need at an affordable price.

We pay attention to details throughout the production to make photorealistic products. This way, you will be able to market your commercial or residential project using our premium visualisation service.


2D and 3D Floorplans

We offer high quality 3D rendering, utilizing our rendering service to determine the floor allocation will enable you to create a floor plan model as close as possible to reality before starting any construction and renovation. It becomes easier to determine the size of each room in the building that will be suitable for your furniture. This will also help you to plan all rooms considering the entry and exit points as well as window locations. This is useful whether you are starting a new construction or working on renovating an existing structure.

We offer real estate professionals an easy, fast, and economical way to use interactive 3D animations and VR walkthroughs to improve their customer experience and maximise the ability to give detailed explanation of concepts and spaces to aid the sales process. With SurrealViz, everyone from architects to interior designers, can visualise their plans down to the smallest detail and share their creations with clients to give them more confidence towards a project completion.

Also, you can use our virtual reality service for a fully interactive virtual tour experience of the new building. Virtual tours will allow you to effectively showcase several amenities in the building. Instead of stating a brief description or some quality pictures; the virtual reality will provide a fully immersive and interactive tour to help you leave an amazing impression on investors, prospects, and residents.

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